Jungle Entertainment produces premium comedy and drama for a worldwide audience and we have a history of delivering both successful and innovative productions. 

We produced the first Australian television drama commissioned by FX (Mr. Inbetween), the first ever Australian SVOD commission (No Activity), the first scripted comedy commissioned by any Australian commercial network in 15 years and the highest rating new program in 2016 (Here Come The Habibs), the first Australian narrative comedy in VR and ABC2’s first ever comedy (Review With Myles Barlow).

Our programs are viewed around the world but our No Activity co-production with Gary Sanchez Productions is our first US production. It aired in November 2017, and is co-created, directed and co-written by Jungle partner Trent O’Donnell, and stars Will Ferrell, Bob Odenkirk, Amy Sedaris, JK Simmons and our very own Patrick Brammall.

Jungle Entertainment also has a history of international format sales. Review with Myles Barlow was remade by Comedy Central into the three seasons of Review with Forrest McNeill and A Moody Christmas has recently had a second script optioned by CBS Studios for Fox Networks. 

We get the results that we do because we do everything we possibly can to support the creator's vision.

We are the 2017 Mumbrella Production Company of the Year.



Jason Burrows established Jungle in his apartment and has built it up to be one of the top production companies in the country. Jason’s Executive Producer television credits include No Activity (the original in Australia and the US remake), the upcoming Mr Inbetween (FX), Squinters (ABC) and Sando (ABC) as well as Here Come the Habibs (Channel 9), A Moody Christmas (ABC), The Moodys (ABC), and The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting (ABC). In the factual sector, his credits include Between a Frock and a Hard Place and As You Dreamt It for the ABC, and comedy documentary The Super Dave Odyssey for Channel 10. In television commercials, he has worked for all of the top advertising agencies in the country, on spots that have received awards at AWARD, D&AD and Cannes.


Chief Operating Officer / Partner

Chloe Rickard is one of Australia's most dynamic and innovative comedy producers. A Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Jungle Entertainment, Mumbrella’s Production Company of the Year in 2017, she has produced Squinters and Sando, both for the ABC and with international partners airing in early 2018, two seasons of Here Come the Habibs (Nine Network), No Activity (Stan's first original commission, US remake by CBS All Access) and Soul Mates (ABC/NBC Universal), along with The Moodys, A Moody Christmas, Elegant Gentlemen's Guide to Knife Fighting, and over 200 television commercials. Chloe is currently developing the feature films The Murderous Urges of Ordinary Women, The Hitchhiker and Croak and the dramedy series Holy Cow, all funded by Screen Australia. Chloe heads up Jungle Entertainment’s Sheena and The Jungle Collective initiatives. Sheena advances female writers and directors through targeted attachments with credit outcomes and The Jungle Collective is a showrunner development initiative that supports significant emerging creators to take a leadership role and ownership in the projects they develop with Jungle Entertainment. Chloe was a recipient of Screen Australia's Enterprise Growth program with the Van Vuuren Bros. and in 2015 gained her Masters of Screen Arts & Business from AFTRS, in which she was awarded the Foxtel New Media Innovation Prize and the Wake In Fright Prize for the best thesis. Chloe is a member of the Screen Tasmania Advisory Board, as appointed by the Minister for the Arts.


Director / Writer / Partner

Trent O’Donnell is currently working on comedies in both Australia and the USA, and racks up plenty of frequent flier miles as an in-demand director, writer and producer. In November 2017, CBS All Access released O’Donnell’s original concept, No Activity, which was a remake of the Australian series of the same name. Co-produced with Gary Sanchez Productions (Will Ferrell’s and Adam McKay’s production company), O'Donnell was director, co-creater, co-writer and executive producer. It starred Will Ferrell, Bob Odenkirk, Amy Sedaris, JK Simmons and our very own Patrick Brammall. O’Donnell was the supervising and directing executive producer on hit FOX comedy New Girl in Los Angeles from 2013-2017 and directed 28 episodes during this time. In addition to No Activity (both Australian and US versions), he is the co-creator, writer and director of The Moodys, A Moody Christmas, The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting and Review with Myles Barlow, which was remade for US television as Review on Comedy Central. He has won multiple Best Comedy AFIs, Best Comedy at SPA, a Best Comedy AWGIE, Best Ensemble Comedy two years running (Equity Award) and Best Comedy Director (Australian Directors’ Guild Award). Outside of Jungle Entertainment projects, O’Donnell’s directing credits include the series The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Letdown, Problems, Woodley, Laid, Kitchen Cabinet and The Chaser’s War on Everything.


Writer / Partner

Phil Lloyd is the co-creator and co-writer of prime time ABC1 comedy series A Moody Christmas, its sequel The Moodys and Review With Myles Barlow. He has won multiple Best Comedy AFIs, Best Comedy at SPA, Best Comedy AWGIE and Best Ensemble Comedy two years running (Equity). He is the head writer and showrunner on Jungle’s Here Come the Habibs, currently airing on the Nine Network. Lloyd was also co-creator and writer of top-rating ABC1 sitcom At Home With Julia. In branded entertainment, Phil’s work on Qantas’s The Great Crusade won a Cannes Gold Lion and was nominated for a 2012 International Emmy. As an actor, Phil has played many roles including Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s partner Tim Mathieson in At Home With Julia, and the existential critic in Review With Myles Barlow, for which he won a Best Comedy Performer AFI.