Our mission is to produce world class commercial content by having the very best people working in a fun, ambitious, collaborative and ego free environment where exceptional creative can thrive. (While also altering the mental state of humanity and the course of history).

We have assembled an exceptional group of commercial creators who have collaborated with the region's best agencies and biggest clients.  The company has been awarded at numerous Award shows, including Cannes, Award, D&AD, Oneshow, Clio and the London International Awards, as well as being named Mumbrella Production Company of the Year (Film/TV) in 2017. 

The two arms of the company, Commercials and Television/ Film, operate independently but all of Jungle's creatives regularly work in collaboration, contributing to each other’s projects, learning from each other and using the numerous and varying skill sets within the company.

All of our production and admin staff are creatively focused. Finding creative solutions is what Jungle Entertainment does best. With the whole team inspired by and invested in each project, the end result is stronger, funnier, and the ride’s more enjoyable. 

For our international facilitation clients, we offer world class production facilities, and edit suites, in a central Sydney location with a killer view. 

We know we’re only as good as our last project and so our focus is always to put as much value on screen as possible. Welcome to the Jungle Entertainment!



Jason Burrows established Jungle in his apartment and has built it up to be one of the top production companies in the country. Jason’s Executive Producer television credits include No Activity (the original in Australia and the US remake), the upcoming Mr Inbetween (FX), Squinters (ABC) and Sando (ABC) as well as Here Come the Habibs (Channel 9), A Moody Christmas (ABC), The Moodys (ABC), and The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting (ABC). In the factual sector, his credits include Between a Frock and a Hard Place and As You Dreamt It for the ABC, and comedy documentary The Super Dave Odyssey for Channel 10. In television commercials, he has worked for all of the top advertising agencies in the country, on spots that have received awards at AWARD, D&AD and Cannes.


Director / Writer / Partner

Trent O’Donnell is currently working on comedies in both Australia and the USA, and racks up plenty of frequent flier miles as an in-demand director, writer and producer. In November 2017, CBS All Access released O’Donnell’s original concept, No Activity, which was a remake of the Australian series of the same name. Co-produced with Gary Sanchez Productions (Will Ferrell’s and Adam McKay’s production company), O'Donnell was director, co-creater, co-writer and executive producer. It starred Will Ferrell, Bob Odenkirk, Amy Sedaris, JK Simmons and our very own Patrick Brammall. O’Donnell was the supervising and directing executive producer on hit FOX comedy New Girl in Los Angeles from 2013-2017 and directed 28 episodes during this time. In addition to No Activity (both Australian and US versions), he is the co-creator, writer and director of The Moodys, A Moody Christmas, The Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knife Fighting and Review with Myles Barlow, which was remade for US television as Review on Comedy Central. He has won multiple Best Comedy AFIs, Best Comedy at SPA, a Best Comedy AWGIE, Best Ensemble Comedy two years running (Equity Award) and Best Comedy Director (Australian Directors’ Guild Award). Outside of Jungle Entertainment projects, O’Donnell’s directing credits include the series The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Letdown, Problems, Woodley, Laid, Kitchen Cabinet and The Chaser’s War on Everything.